Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Author Speaks...

My thoughts:
Like any other author of Christian fiction, I hope that you will see Christ in the novel. We seek to entertain but the Holy Spirit drives us. We are led to write or craft a story that will leave you with characters that you love or love to hate. They are flawed, human, but they are touched by a Perfect God. 

Let's go behind the scenes of Sing A New Song. A talk with the Author (me :)

Please tell us the inspiration behind your novel, Sing A New Song.

I was watching a television show where a young lady had several men taking paternity tests. I laughed when I heard the results as each one heard they were not the father, thinking it was all in good fun.
But, later that night, I was convicted and I started to wonder what could have happened to put a woman in such a predicament. That was when Tiffany was 'born'.

Are there social trends/issues/themes that drive Sing A New Song, including any relevant research?
Tiffany Knightly, a famous singer, grew up a normal girl in a middle-income family. She was abused by her step-father. The statistics for young women who have been abused are alarming. Most women do not tell, and never tell.

Other issues tackled are the dynamics of christian dating; cancer; infertility and another important question, Can women and men really be just friends?

What is the message or key take away in Sing A New Song that you as an author would like to convey to your readers?
So many of us have done things that we regret. We've all made mistakes. But, we serve a God who truly forgives and he loves us with a genuine love. We just need to forgive ourselves knowing that everything that has happened in our past were meant to lead us to Christ.

Highlight your favorite verse(s) or verses that are referenced or that are central to your novel.

Psalms 91:1; I Samuel 17:47; Psalms 43:1 were referenced in Sing A New Song.
I have so many verses, but one that stays with me is, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13

Please share your website, contact info, any upcoming projects, what you're working on, etc.
My second novel, Walk A Straight Line, comes out Dec. 31, 2013. I am working on its sequel, My Steps are Ordered, due out next Aug. 2014. I can be reached through my website at

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