Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Up Close and Personal with Michelle Stimpson, Author of Stepping Down

What's hot about this book?
I've had the pleasure of reading Stepping Down. I enjoyed reading about Mark and Sharla. Sometimes, a spiritual leader can be distracted by church affairs, but it is all about recognizing that the church belongs to God, and He has to lead and direct our path. As Mark draws closer to God, we see how that impacts the decisions he makes. 

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Mark has been pastoring New Vision church for six years now, and all his hard work is about to pay off as the church approaches mega-church status. But while Mark has been busy building the church, his own household has been crumbling to pieces. After ignoring divine guidance, Mark finds himself caught up in the appearance of a scandal that threatens to tear the church apart. And his wife’s secrets only add insult to near-fatal injury.

Sharla would have done just about anything to be a mother…and, actually, she did. She was willing to pay the price for her mistakes, but she never dreamed someone else might have to suffer instead. How close can she come to confessing her past without jeopardizing her future?

Stepping Down is the eighth full-length novel from National Bestselling Author Michelle Stimpson. As the granddaughter of a pastor and the great-granddaughter of a bishop, she explores a conflict many spiritual leaders still encounter today. Readers will enjoy this fast-paced, hard-hitting novel that addresses the ageless question: How can a man run the church if he can’t run his own household?

Michelle Stimpson - Author, Speaker, Educator

Me: What was your inspiration behind the novel?
Michelle: Stepping Down was the product of prayer and reading two other books (52 Lies Heard in Churches Every Sunday and Pagan Christianity) that really challenged me to think about what it means to be in ministry and in leadership. The main character struggles to balance his commitment to family and to his calling, which is something that I think many people struggle to maintain.

Me: What is the take-away message you’d like to share with your readers?
Michelle: Actually, two things come to mind: 1) Do whatever God tells you to do. I think that even those in ministry are often persuaded to do things that they don’t believe God would approve of for the sake of their reputation or political reasons. But the model Jesus set before us is to do what God speaks to our hearts to do; 2) Don’t get so caught up in outside ministry that we lose sight of our ministry to those closest to us—family and friends.

Me: How can readers connect with you?