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Listen As I Read An Excerpt from Walk A Straight Line

Walk A Straight Line releases December 31st. Listen in as I Read an Excerpt from Walk A Straight Line. Click the Link Below :)


Walk a Straight Line 
by Michelle Lindo-Rice

Two friends. Two brothers. Two weddings. Too many secrets. 
Colleen MacGregor rededicated her life to God when she met and married Terence Hayworth. However, her happily-ever-after will have to wait, because she has some serious dragons to slay to sustain her marriage and keep her friendship with Gina Price intact. After fifteen years of friendship, Colleen must now draw the line and stop telling Gina everything.

What did God do to her friend? Gina finds it hard to deal with Colleen's newfound faith. She thinks Colleen has become self-righteous, subjecting Gina to her holy tirades whenever the mood strikes. When Gina begins dating one brother, while simultaneously falling in love with another, boy, does she get an earful! Gina, however, is way too busy trying to sort her way through her own murky feelings to worry about her soul. Her heart wants what it wants.

Michelle Lindo-Rice explores the complicated world of female friendships. Can a friendship survive when one friend becomes saved?

Excerpt from Walk a Straight Line

Next to Gina, Colleen felt gauche, and lingered in her friend’s shadow—or so it seemed to her. She placed the blame on her height of five-ten—from that vantage point, pickings were slim.

Until Terence. He was six-four, and drawn to her. Best of all, she could wear heels without worry.

She dried herself and reached for one of her scented oils.

Once she finished oiling herself down, Colleen chose a pink and white teddy with ruffles and a delicate trim. Slipping into it, she thought about Terence and sizzled. She eased onto the bed and practiced several seductive poses.

She heard the lock click.


Quick, she struck her most tantalizing pose. Her chest heaved with anticipation as she waited. He stopped at the sight of her.


“Come and get it, Big boy.”

Terence hesitated for a split second before beginning to undress.

Not fast enough. Colleen flipped her long, curly hair and beckoned him to her bedside. Terence complied. She held her hands out for him to embrace her, but he paused.

Curious, Colleen asked. “What is it?”

“I feel grungy, you know, from all that sand,” Terence explained.

“Oh.” Embarrassed by her brazenness, she un-posed her body and stretched her legs as they had fallen asleep in that awkward position.

“Let me take a shower. Wash all this grime from me.” He was in the bathroom in seconds.

“Okay, what just happened here?”

Somehow that is not how that scene always played out on the soap operas. However, she clamped her disappointment because she knew how fastidious Terence was. Chilled, Colleen went under the covers and closed her eyes. She’d rest because when he came back, she was going to show him a thing or two. She had a creative mind, and now had the right to use it.

She felt something buzz against her leg, and jumped. It was Terence’s cell phone vibrating. She curved her leg to move it upwards, and grabbed it. She peeked at the number.

Why was Francine calling Terence on their honeymoon? Colleen debated for a second before she pressed the redial button. “Hi, Francine, is everything all right?”

“Isn’t this Terence’s phone?”

Wasn’t she Terence’s wife? “I—uhm—he’s in the shower—and I saw your number, so...” She rushed to explain.

“That doesn’t give you the right—just have him call me.”

With that, Colleen heard the dial tone. Her brow furrowed.

Terence came into the bedroom. He wore only a robe and used a hand-towel to vigorously dry his hair.

“Why is your mother calling you on your honeymoon?”

Terence tensed. “My mother called?”

“Yes, just now. What’s going on?”

“Why didn’t you let it go to voicemail?” he asked instead. Without waiting for an answer, Terence seized the phone from her hand. “Don’t answer my phone.”

Colleen shivered at his harsh tone. “In my defense, I didn’t think it would be a problem if I answered your phone. It could’ve been an emergency.”

Terence repeated with emphasis, “Don’t touch my phone.”

Colleen didn’t understand but she nodded her head. She turned away from him and moved to the edge of the bed. She felt the bed sink under his weight. Hurt, Colleen squeezed her eyes shut to hold the tears at bay. Who was this man?

( Continued... )

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Walk a Straight Line by Michelle Lindo-Rice

Her published works are:
Sing a New Song (Feb. 2013)
Walk a Straight Line (Jan. 2014)
My Steps are Ordered (Aug. 2014)