Monday, March 17, 2014

Five-Star Review of Walk A Straight Line

I'd like to share a 5-Star review of Walk A Straight Line.

"The cost of friendship can be hard in Walk A Straight Line by Michelle Lindo-Rice. Colleen MacGregor turns her life over to God after her marriage to Terence Hayworth is sealed. Colleen works to be the best helpmate she can be while struggle to keep her friendship together with her best friend, Gina. Colleen soon realizes that she has to draw the line at some point. Colleen has a lot of her plate because the man she fell in love with is not the man she married. Colleen’s world takes a dark turn and she has to come to some harsh decisions.

Gina Price loves her best friend but the bible toting and holy than thou act is getting on her last nerve. Gina feels Colleen judges everything she does not that she hasn’t done some questionable things, but her friend should always support her. Gina also does not care for Terence because she has a feeling there is more to him than meets the eye. Gina is dealing with her own issues and does not need a lashing from her friend. Gina is dating Michael but has desires for his brother Keith. The attraction for Keith is one that cannot be ignored but what is she to do especially when Michael has proposed. Gina finds herself in a sticky situation, which will she choose?

Terence Hayworth has been preparing for the ministry and now has a wonderful wife to complete his look. Terence’s mother gives him advice as any mother would until he marries Colleen. Terence’s mother will do whatever she can to get rid of the new Mrs. Hayworth. Terence has a momma’s boy mentality that just may cost him everything especially when his wife puts her foot down at the situation. Will Terence learn his lesson? Or will he let his mother ruin his marriage?

What I Did Not Like: Terrence’s mother drove me crazy with frustration.

What I Did Like: It was about friendship, family and marriage. It expressed how hard it can be to have friends that are not saved. This book had well-developed characters, drama and suspense. The author does a wonderful job showing Colleen and Terence’s marriage evolving as the book progressed. I also love the fact that both Colleen and Terence had issues that caused them to stand up for themselves. I definitely recommend Walk A Straight Line to others.

This book was provided by the author for review purposes.

Teresa Beasley
A&RBC Reviews
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