Friday, December 12, 2014

Meet Debut Author, Princess L. Gooden, Co-Author of Touched by an Angel

I'm reading this and let me tell you, Princess and Victoria know how to grab you from the first page!

Tell us about your journey to publication.
About two years ago I signed up for Victoria Christopher Murray sessions because for years I wanted to write a book, but I wanted it to be done right. (A lot of people just told me to write, and send it out there. Well I knew it couldn't be that easy.) She shared any and everything I wanted and needed to know. After many sessions, and lots of edits I was offered the opportunity to work on a couple of projects for Brown Girls Publishing.  One of the offers was to write a Christmas novella with her on a mentorship project. (I couldn't believe it). It was already a blessing to have a book published but to have one published with her was an even greater blessing. 

What inspired you to write Touched by an Angel? 
Victoria Christopher Murray. She has a gift to pull out your strengths and  teach you how to build around your weaknesses. I'm a visual learner, and she helped me to see and do the entire process. 

About the Author  

Princess F. L. Gooden is respected in all of her gifts.  She is a first time author, dramatist, poet, motivational speaker, novelist, educator, producer, director, actor, dancer, and singer.

Born on January 7, 1972, in Atlanta, GA (Grady Memorial Hospital), Princess was raised in the West End of Atlanta with her grandmother, mother, and three siblings.

As a young girl, Princess became fascinated with writing. She later discovered her love for the arts of drama and dance.  Her first writing job, at the age of 12, was for a large church in the downtown Atlanta area.  At 13, she was asked to write a second play for her home church (The Move of God, Pastor Edward Harris). Princess had the dream but not enough drive, which caused her to place her gift of writing to the side. She became extremely active in sports and dancing. Meanwhile, her pastor and several of her teachers saw her talents and allowed her to use them freely. She continued to create programs/plays/skits for her church, other churches, schools, and local venues.

After working actively as a youth leader at three churches, Princess branched out and began doing stage plays and teaching liturgical dance throughout Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina. She also traveled to different cities and states ministering through dance and speaking to various youth and congregations.

In 1998 Palace Productions, Inc. was created. Princess has written, directed, and produced fifteen stage plays & 29 skits. God allowed two of the stage plays to go on five city tours.

Princess is married to Reginald R. Gooden, a Command Sergeant Major in the United States Army. They collectively have six children. All of which are wonderfully gifted as well.

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There's nothing like a Miracle to make you see things clearly...Savannah Hudson always looked for a surprise from her husband, Sheldon, when he returned home from his travels. It was a tradition that began at the start of their twenty-three marriage. But when her husband returned from his latest trip, Savannah finds a surprise she never expected. 
One pretty red thong. Lots of questions. But before Savannah can get answers, her husband goes into cardiac arrest. 

Now, as Sheldon fights for his life, Savannah struggles to put her bitterness aside. As every female in his life becomes suspect, and Savannah finds herself questioning everything she's ever believed, a handsome doctor may be the only one WHO can help Savannah get through to the truth.