Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Interview with Jacquelin Thomas, Author and Publishing Manager

I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Jezebel's Daughter. Jezebel's Daughter is a long-awaited sequel to Jezebel, written eleven years ago. Jacquelin is a master storyteller.

At the end of Jezebel's Daughter, I was left wanting more. I decided to chat it up with Jacquelin to ask her three questions. 

About the Book

Jessie Belle Deveraux is gone, but her legacy lives on …
Natalia Winters vowed revenge on Jessie Belle from the moment she discovered the reason her father committed suicide. Her pampered, rich girl reputation puts her at odds with almost everyone, but is she sinister enough to push Jessie Belle over the balcony?
Reina Cannon spends her days as a much sought after hairstylist and her nights reliving the cruelty of her childhood. For years, she has lived for revenge; to make Jessie Belle suffer for the pain she caused Reina. Her sweet smile and look of innocence is a ruse, a carefully calculated effort to hide a surprising and dangerous truth. 
Chrissy Barton yearned to take revenge on Jessie Belle—to pay her back for the beating she suffered by unknown assailants. She was no longer a prostitute, but she had never forgotten the triumphant look Jessie Belle had given her … at that very moment, Chrissy vowed she would pay with her life.
Three women from very different worlds … a common goal 
However, Jessie Belle’s family is determined to discover the truth behind the night she ended up on the pavement below her bedroom.

            The Beginning …
February 1968
“She gon’ have to go through the labor and birth this child,” the midwife said in a low voice. 
“She pretty far ‘long with this one.”
“Her daddy has no idea that she’s pregnant, Gloria.  There is absolutely no way we can go back home with a newborn.”
“Anabeth, why in the world did you wait so long to bring her here? You know how this works.”
She glanced over her shoulder at her sixteen-year-old daughter, and then back at Gloria.  “She was trying to keep it.  She had some fancy ideas about marrying the father, but that ain’t never gonna happen.” Anabeth began pacing back and forth.  “This will kill Elias if he finds out.”
“She looks to be around thirty weeks, give or take a week.  I can induce labor.  Chances are the child will not survive.”
“But what if it does?” Anabeth asked.  “My daughter has this foolish idea about keeping this child.”
“We will tell her that the child is dead,” Gloria stated.
“I paid you well.  This cannot ever come back to haunt my family.”  Anabeth’s tone was cold and exact.
“Mama …” Jessie Belle uttered from the small bed.  “Is something wrong?”
“See to your daughter while I get everything ready,” Gloria suggested.  “I’m gonna put the medication in the IV.”
“Promise me,” Anabeth insisted, grasping Gloria’s arm firmly.  “Regardless of
what happens tonight, my daughter and I were never here.”  Her voice was stern with no vestige of sympathy in its hardness.  “This can never be traced back to me or my daughter.”

What made you decide to do a sequel to Jezebel after all eleven years? 
I wrote the sequel because when I ended Jezebel, I knew there was more to the story because I knew Natalia didn't do it. 

Will we see more of these characters in the future?
At the end of this story, I knew there would be another: Jezebel's Revenge. This time there won't be an 11 year wait though. This book will be out in September 2015.

Congratulations on your new venture with Brown Girls Books! What is your most challenging part of being the Publishing Manager for your own imprint at Brown Girls? 
The most challenging part of having my own imprint is recognizing that others are trusting me with their work--a precious gift and it's my desire that they all succeed. It's an awesome responsibility and one that I take very seriously. I am working hard to make sure that I do everything possible to ensure that these literary stars shine.
 About the Author

Jacquelin Thomas is an award winning, best selling author with 50+ titles published. Her books have garnered several awards, including two EMMA awards, the Romance In Color Reviewers Award, Readers Choice Award and the Atlanta Choice Award in the Religious & Spiritual category. Jacquelin was a 2005 honoree at the Houston Black Film Festival for the movie adaptation of her novel, Hidden Blessings. She was the first recipient to receive the Writers Achievement Award at the North Carolina Book Festival in Winston-Salem. She also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Romantic Times Magazine.

Jacquelin has published in the romance, women's fiction, inspirational and young adult genres. Her second book in the YA series, Divine Confidential was nominated for a 2008 NAACP Image Award. Jacquelin is the publishing manager of Jacquelin Thomas Presents, an imprint with Brown Girls Publishing.

Jacquelin is happily married to her best friend and is the proud mother of three children. Jacquelin and her family live in North Carolina.