Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Virtual Book Tour,  Loyal, a Young Adult Novel
Releasing August 30, 2016

About The Author
Yasmin Shiraz is an author, filmmaker, speaker and activist. She uses her passion for life to fuel her books, documentaries, speaking engagements and social activities. She’s spoken at over 100 colleges, universities, middle schools and high schools as well as non-profit organizations. 
She’s an award winning Writer/ Director and enjoys producing work on youth and community issues. By day, she’s the President of Still Eye Rise Media and runs the Yasmin Shiraz website.

About The Book

When a teen girl discovers her brother has been shot, she learns about firsthand about loyalty. Should her brother be more loyal to her or the gang members he's so eager to impress?

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Ten Things You Don’t Know About Author Yasmin Shiraz

1.  For three seasons, I was the casting director for a home improvement show on the DIY network. I love working in the entertainment business so when this opportunity arose, I embraced it and learned so much. I wrote books in the evening after I finished casting the show.

2.  I went to Lil’ Wayne’s 16th birthday party in New Orleans. Yep, that happened. His big gift? A yellow two-seater Mercedes Benz.

3. I’m a fan of spinach smoothies. About a year ago I read about how green vegetables are good for your skin. Well, I decided to test the theory and started drinking spinach smoothies. I have discovered that spinach is great for my skin.

4. I taught college Sociology and Psychology courses at two different colleges. Though I loved teaching Sociology. I wasn’t a fan of teaching Psychology.

5. I’m a staunch supporter of meditation. When I was teaching college classes one of my students gave me a book on meditation. I read the book and have been a fan of meditation ever since. Meditating helps me to sleep better and relieves frustration.

6. I interviewed the famous lawyer Johnny Cochran about the OJ Simpson case.  Talking to him was like having a chat with greatness—truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

7. I do not eat gluten.  A few years ago a doctor told me to try to go gluten free for a few days to see if I’d feel better. Within three days, stomach issues cleared up and skin problems reduced. Eliminating gluten helped my overall health.

8. I was once suspended from high school for five days for fighting. A girl was taunting me and I sorta snapped in biology class. 

9.  I’ve been doing headstands since I was 4 years old. From time to time, when I’m doing yoga, my daughter or son will take a picture of me doing a headstand and I’ll post it on social media. None of my friends can believe I can do a headstand. But, the reality is: “I’ve been doing them my whole life.”  

10. I worked with a vocal coach so that I could learn to professionally narrate my own audio books. I’m so proud to say that my first novel, Exclusive, is now an audio book narrated by yours truly.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome Author Kristen Marquardt to my Blog!

Releasing Jesus from the Weeds

Published on July 21st, 2016
Published by WestBow Press
Published as Christian/Inspirational Poetry & Short Stories

From the pew to the pulpit to prayer, Kristen Marquardt’s writing has been serving God’s People in Connecticut for over thirty years. Her unique style in prose, poetry, and short story reminds us of our shared humanity and how our faith and faith struggles are no different than those of both biblical characters and the people we see everyday in our daily walk. With rare insight, Marquardt looks deeply into faith and strips away the boundaries that we all assume exist, reminding us that our hope is not ours alone, we all share a common path as God’s children.

"Kristen is a gifted writer, a writer that stirs the soul and causes us to think more openly the existence of God in ordinary life. I call Kristen a wisdom writer." ~ Rev. Dr. Sharon Ledbetter

You can buy the book from:

About the Author

Kristen Marquardt has been serving the church and God both volunteer and professionally for over 30 years, starting as a Sunday School teacher, CE Director, and Licensed Pastor. She holds a dual B..A. from Connecticut College in English Literature and Environmental Science and an M.S. In Theology and the Arts from Andover Newton Theological Seminary. She lives in Connecticut in a multigenerational home with her husband and many pets. She enjoys her family, writing, gardening and so much more...