Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Book Review: Lady of the House by E.N. Joy

Lady of the House: Book Three of the Forever Divas Series
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Lady of the House: Book Three of the Forever Divas Series by E.N. Joy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have read all of the New Day Divas series, Always Divas and the Forever Divas series. Pastor Margie has been an integral character throughout the previous novels.
In Lady of the House, we get to see Pastor Margie in a different light. We see the other side of the camera of being a preacher. Many times, we see the confidence when we seek counsel. However, now we are seeing Pastor Margie is all woman and just like the rest of us, have moments of insecurities.
I had no idea, another reader fave, Mother Doreen would be such an integral part of the read. Together, their interaction made for some entertaining scenes.
This was a very different read to end the series. It was lighter but the second half of the novel really drew me in. There was a funeral scene and the author took the time to give us the entire eulogy. I believe this will benefit someone who experiences the loss of someone who was far from perfect.
All in all, Lady of the House had some creative moments and plugs for the other novels, as a farewell salute. Some readers may not fully appreciate this end to such a dramatic series, but other writers/readers will.

Here are two of my favorite quotes:
"...choose to allow those who do believe in you, who do encourage you, and who do support you to give you the energy and motivation to succeed." Pg. 184, Lady of the House.

"Testimonies heal and save lives, so if people hold their testimonies hostage, someone could miss out on their breakthrough." Pg. 200, Lady of the House

Release date: October 25, 2016
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