Saturday, April 8, 2017

Brand New Release from Michelle Stimpson and Casandra McLaughlin

                                        When these two women get together, you are guaranteed a Must-Read

Deacon Brown's Daughters

 Back in the day, green-eyed Stanley David Brown was a ladies’ man. Now he’s God’s man, and he’s got a lot of cleaning up to do. But where does an absentee father start in the quest to get to know the children he abandoned? Will they give him a chance to make up for lost time?  
Like so many absentee fathers he thinks that as long as their mothers are taking care of them, they survived, they're fine, the past is the past. They should just move on. Stanley has missed out on his chance with his son. But his three daughters, Yolanda, Kim, and Sabrina, are in for a surprise when their long lost father comes strolling back into their lives. 
Stanley’s presence is met with three different responses, not to mention the reactions from his children’s mothers. Stanley is doing his best to win the girls’ hearts, but how many times can one man apologize before giving up again? Should he be held accountable for not being there when he didn't know how to be there? Should they have reached out to him? Should their mother's try harder to track him down? Is there an age limit to end parental responsibility? Is non payment of child support a reason to keep your child away from their father?

 This story is near and dear to our hearts because it hits close to home. Growing up my dad didn't live in the house with me so I can certainly relate to the girls. My parents got a divorce when I was young and although my dad was granted visitation it just still wasn't enough. Our visit were few and far between, we were just going through the motions. I was still disconnected from him emotionally and he thought things were fine. It wasn't until I got pregnant with my own daughter that I was able to share with him how I felt. He was shocked and honestly didn't know how to connect with me emotionally. I'm so glad that he took full responsibility and  was willing to work on our relationship. I'm so thankful that God restored our relationship and we're closer than ever.  Absentee fathers seem to be what's trending now, and unfortunately some people don't ever get the opportunity to get to know their fathers. It's our prayer that as you read Deacon Brown's Daughters that you'll search yourself and try to mend those broken relationships. Join this journey of life, love, and forgiveness as Stanley and his daughters walk through touch territory in a storyline that rings true for so many people. Grow with Stanley and his daughters as they all grow to know the Best Father ever!

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