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Write Now Literary is pleased to announce His Last Resort, a Contemporary Christian Romance by author M.A. Malcolm, March 27-April 7, 2017.
ISBN-10: 9769581550
ISBN-13: 978-9769581555
About The Author
M. A. Malcolm, a native of Jamaica, is a wife, mother, stepmother, daughter, sister and aunt. She is a freelance copy editor, administrative service provider and self-publishing consultant who also works part-time as an educator. With a passion for enhancing the work of Christian writers, she is certified in copyediting and is the founder of Nitpicking with a Purpose (NitpickingwithaPurpose.com). Over the years, she has worked with a host of local and international authors and authors-to-be.
When she published her first book, "His Last Hope: A Contemporary Christian Romance" in July, 2015, she fully expected it to be ‘one and done.’ She had no intention of writing another book of any kind; however, readers have demanded more, and the Lord has made it possible for her to comply. Not only has He allowed her more time to write; He has also given her more messages to share.
With the anticipated publication of "His Last Resort," the first part of her relatively recent vision of turning "His Last Hope" into a series has come true. She is currently working on two more manuscripts in the series, and has plans for a third.
In 2016, she also became a children’s author with the publication of her first children’s book, "So very… Max!"—a modern-day response to Hans Christian Andersen’s "The Ugly Duckling."
Mrs. Malcolm has been a part of Faith in Christ Ministries in Westmoreland, Jamaica, for more than ten years. She divides her time among her family; work and writing projects; dogs; to-be-read list, and catching up on much-needed sleep.
About The Book
Driven and focused, business owner and future pastor Robert Marsden knows exactly what he wants… and what he doesn’t. The Do Not Disturb sign he’s placed on his heart is his way of discouraging the ‘wanna-be first ladies’ who’ve set their sights on him... ladies like Claire Foxwood. The way he sees it, Claire and others like her are clearly more focused on impressing others than on their eternal souls.
Claire can’t help her attraction to Robert, but his decision to make a public spectacle of her hurts to the core. Part of her wants to give him a piece of her mind, but the rest of her remains infatuated with the man who’s too attractive for his – and her – own good. If only she didn’t feel like he has a role to play in her destiny!
Can Ruby “Aunt Ruby” Crawford’s words of godly wisdom peppered with a hint of humor help the misguided pair look deep within themselves and discover God’s plan for their lives?
“Do you go out of your way to be offensive to everyone? Or am I special?” She folded her arms and looked crossly at Robert. Chaz stood alert, as if he was aware of his owner’s mood.
“Excuse me?” He wondered if he’d heard her right.
“I’ve wracked my brain, Mr. Marsden. I’ve gone over every minute of every conversation we’ve ever had, and the only time I remember being even a little bit rude to you was that day at your church. Clearly, my defensiveness that day made more of an impact than I thought, so please let me apologize. I’m sorry for my behavior that afternoon. I was annoyed that you had so easily forgotten me, although I obviously remembered meeting you. It was childish, and if I was rude or out of line, I’m really sorry. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to go.”
She stepped away from him, but Robert moved in front of her and stood with his legs wide apart and his hands on his hips, effectively blocking her path. It was amazing how attractive she was with her face free of makeup and covered in perspiration. If circumstances were different, he might be tempted to lean forward and kiss the bead of sweat from just above her top lip and then maybe he’d
He caught himself mid-thought and tried to remember what she had just said.
As if she were aware of the direction his thoughts had taken, she retrieved a small towel that had been tucked into the waistband of her pants and mopped her face.
“Thank you for the apology, as unnecessary as it was. Exactly how have I ever been offensive to you?”
She gave a wry laugh. “I guess the word is not so much offensive as it is judgmental.” She moved towards the nearby park bench, but remained standing.
“Me? Judgmental?” He was quite confused. Was he hearing right?
“You. Judgmental...."

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review: Legacy

Legacy Legacy by Jacquelin Thomas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jacquelin Thomas takes us on a journey in Legacy. Set in New Orleans, we meet Eleanor and Myra. Two sisters who could pass for white. One chose to embrace her African-American roots and the other hid her ancestry. Only the past could reunite these women and give them a chance at a future. I found the storyline uniquely told and intriguing. I felt like the author took me through the plight of so many women before me who struggled for survival against slavery, segregation and racism. Themes such as respect for our ancestors; family bond; and sisterhood resonate and gave this quick read a lasting impression.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Review: Her Secret Life

Her Secret Life Her Secret Life by Tiffany L Warren
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Onika has a secret. Don't we all? But, a secret life? Onika is a complex woman and her tale has many layers. With each chapter and each page, I learned more about Onika, and when her life unravels, I wonder if she will ever get herself together. Her love interest, Graham, is a regular, hard-working good guy. I found myself rooting for him. There are points in the storyline where the characters reactions were very real and very human that some may view as shallow. But it makes you examine yourself and ask, what would you do? What should you do? There are takeaways that makes Her Secret Life a very thoughtful read.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Review: A Blessing & a Curse: A Novel

A Blessing & a Curse: A Novel A Blessing & a Curse: A Novel by ReShonda Tate Billingsley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am a huge VCM and RTB fan. I have enjoyed reading about Jasmine and Rachel in each of their series. So when the two authors put these two women together, it was genius. I anticipated this read and of course, it was well-written. I saw a different side to both these women which I liked.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review: Sin of a Woman

Sin of a Woman Sin of a Woman by Kimberla Lawson Roby
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Raven! Raven! Raven! I'm shaking my head. Her story made my mouth drop. I am sure readers of the Curtis Black series will see this latest addition as a perfect fit. Porsha unexpectedly stole my heart. It was refreshing to read her journey and to see the depth of her character.
Another great job by Kimberla and all I can say is keep them coming. There aren't many authors who can have a series this long yet manage to weave in new storylines and concepts that make me finish a read in hours.

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Review: Seized by Seduction

Seized by Seduction Seized by Seduction by Brenda Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was eager to read the second book in the series. Seized by Seduction was sizzling hot. The connection between Quasar and Randi was unreal and magical. The intrigue made me keep turning the pages until the end.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Write Now Literary is pleased to announce Shattered Vows by Natasha D. Frazier Virtual book tour.  February 1-28, 2017.

Genre: Christian Fiction
ISBN-10: 0988452197
ISBN-13: 978-0988452190
Book Release Date: January 31, 2017

Rico gambled with his marriage when he cheated on Chloe. Breaking his vows and risking everything for temporary pleasure, he lost his wife’s respect and trust. Rico returns to God, searching for a quick fix to win Chloe’s heart back, but his heart is the one that is changed. He is a self-proclaimed changed man, willing to go the extra mile to restore his marriage, but he just may be too late. Has Chloe given up on him? She has forgiven him before, but this is different. "I’m sorry" isn't enough when vows have been shattered. With the law and the Word of the Lord on her side, she finally gathers enough courage to walk away. But then tragedy strikes. Is it enough to make Chloe stay, or will she start a new chapter in her life?
Since graduating from Jackson State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Accounting, Natasha earned a Masters of Science degree in Accounting from Texas A&M University. Aside from being an author, Natasha is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Natasha has authored three devotional books. Her first book is The Life Your Spirit Craves (released November 2012), a 30-Day devotional and journal that encourages readers to seek, accept and pursue their God-given assignment. The Life Your Spirit Craves won the Readers’ Choice Award at the Christian Literary Awards November 2013. Her second book, Not Without You: 365 Days in the Lord’s Presence (released March 2014) encourages readers to make devotion a part of their everyday life by seeking God every day. Not Without You has been nominated for the Henri Award. The Henri Award recognizes excellence in Christian literature. The Life Your Spirit Craves for Mommie s is a 52 week devotional for mothers that encourages them to see God at work in their lives through their role as a mother. Natasha has also began a fiction series that focuses on real and relevant issues in today’s society, such as sex, adultery, blended families and more! Her debut series contains three titles - Love, Lies & Consequences, Through Thick & Thin, and Shattered Vows (January 2017 release). With a love for God’s people, especially women and children, Natasha channels her passion through writing and participating in SASSy, an organization whose focus is to inspire and encourage women to take second steps and become the person God has called them to be. Each month, women participating in SASSy select a different cause and give our time and resources by volunteering in the community. We have volunteered at women’s shelters, Kids’ Meals, Inc. and have performed random acts of kindness throughout the Houston, TX area. Natasha resides in Missouri City, TX with her husband, Eddie Frazier, Jr. and their three children, Eden, Ethan, and Emilyn. Her greatest joy and commitment is to her family who she hopes to inspire above all else. One of her many mottos in life is: Faith removes limitations.


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