Monday, January 13, 2014

A Woman After David's Heart: A New Novella from Pat Simmons

What would keep a man, in his right mind, from asking a woman he’s attracted to on a first date? Valentine's Day

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David Andersen doesn’t have a problem indulging in Valentine’s Day, per se, but not on a first date. Considering it was the love fest of the year, he didn’t want a woman to get any ideas that a wedding ring was forthcoming before he got a chance to know her. So he has no choice but to wait until the whole Valentine’s Day hoopla was over, then he would make his move on a sister in his church he can’t take his eyes off of.
For the past two years and counting, Valerie Hart hasn’t been the recipient of a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner invitation. To fill the void, Valerie keeps herself busy with God’s business, hoping the Lord will send her perfect mate soon. Unfortunately, with no prospects in sight, it looks like that won’t happen again this year.

A WOMAN AFTER DAVID'S HEART is a Valentine romance novella that can be enjoyed with or without a box of chocolates.

Question for Pat Simmons: What was your inspiration behind A Woman After David's Heart?
Answer: My inspiration behind this story was simple. To encourage single women that God hears their prayers and hasn’t forgotten about them. On the flip side, men’s own insecurities could cause them to lose a good thing. A WOMAN AFTER DAVID’S HEART is about God’s timing.