Monday, June 8, 2015

The Book God Had Me Write For Me, First

Previously written for Black Christian Reads
A month after its release date, The Fall of the Prodigal made # 2 on the Black Christian News Bestseller List. This was my first time ever making that bestseller list and I jumped for joy, shouting "Hallelujah!" But my praise was filled with something else: Gratitude.

When I began writing The Fall of the Prodigal, I had a plot in my mind to complete the Keith, Gina and Michael's story. I created and introduced the perfect character to carry through my plans. I did extensive research to make her authentic and believable.  But, when you write Christian fiction, you're not writing by yourself. You're writing with the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit and He had a different plan. With His guidance, my character took a different path. She won my heart and all the readers who have discovered her. (You'll know who she is once you've read The Fall of the Prodigal.)

 Once I finished the project, I remember writing Joylynn Ross, the acquisition editor at Urban books and saying, God dipped His finger in this book. She replied how God can use our work to bless people. I agreed. I felt God had used my character Keith as an oracle to minister to readers in need. I knew anyone who read this work would see Him. (Reader response has been amazing so far.)

But that same summer while I was going through the edits, a family member came to live with me. My relative was suffering and needed the healing power of God. It was humbling and startling for me to see a character I had written manifested in real life. It was then I was hit with the stunning realization that God had me write The Fall of the Prodigal for me, first. All the research I had done were to prepare me. Through His wisdom, God helped me cope and be a support to this person. Day after day I became grateful God placed my fictional character on a different path. One which led to hope. As a result, The Fall of the Prodigal, is being hailed by readers as their favorite in the "On the Right Path" series. I smile because all the glory goes to Him.

I'll share one of the twenty-one 5-star reviews I've received on Amazon.   "Michelle Lindo Rice has done it again. She has written another great page turner. This book will have you experiencing all kind of emotions. When you read the title The Fall of the Prodigal you will think you know who the story is about....WRONG! As readers continue to follow the story of Keith and Michael in this book they will learn about redemption, love, forgiveness and mental illness. If you are looking for a great read, I suggest you pick up a copy today." the book diva.

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