Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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Marriage Grace

Twenty Years! I cannot believe I’ve been married for that long. It's been a winding wonderful road.  I've been asked, "If someone could have said one thing to you before you got married, what would it have been?" 

My answer "Buckle up!"

It's been a ride. Highs have been high and lows have been low. I look at our young faces in our wedding picture and think "clueless!"  Ha! Please don't misunderstand; we loved each other then and we still do now. But neither of us knew the depth of love and sacrifice we were about to embark upon. We didn't know what was about to be asked of ourselves or each other. We didn’t know.
I am so glad that the Lord kept us and still holds us. If it were left up to us, we would have driven our marriage into the ground. We had so many personal obstacles, unreasonable expectations, and worldly views of marriage. By the absolute Grace of God we are still together and have the privilege of encouraging others in their marriages! To God be the Glory...
This isn't a post about how wonderful marriage has been. It has been that. We've shared so many incredible years. My husband can still walk into a room and take my breath away! It's not about how hard it's been. It has been that. We don't have the time to even begin! :)
This post is about Grace in marriage. In spite of everything we've been through, Grace kept us. It loved us. It carried us. When we wanted to walk away, it reminded us of the covenant we made with God and each other. When we laughed through great times, Grace strengthened us. Grace is for us. 
If I could say anything to encourage someone in marriage it would be:
It's not always fair, don't expect it.
You may give more one season and your spouse may give more the next.
Only Christ can complete you, not your spouse.
Love is sacrifice, not a feeling. I Corinthians 13 is your “to do” list.
Walking in your Role is important. Know it.
God's Word is the authority not your feelings.
Arguing is healthy.
Making up is even better.
Laugh together.
Hold hands.
Forgive like you want to be forgiven.
Accept that your spouse's weaknesses are different than yours
Marriage is not meant to make you happy, but is meant to make you holy.
Love your kids, but never put them before your marriage (Your marriage is their foundation.)
Live your life understanding that a Godly healthy marriage and a healthy family are the enemy's biggest threats. YOU ARE KINGDOM BUILDING! He wants your marriage and your children broken. He is your enemy not each other.
Marriage still works!
I'm looking forward to many more years with my husband! We often say that no one else is crazy enough to be with us. So we might as well be together!

About Shundria 

Shundria Riddick is a speaker and licensed professional counselor who shares a message of hope and freedom in Christ.

A graduate of Amberton University, Shundria holds a Master's Degree in Counseling. As a counselor, she loves to connect with individuals and seeks to guide them with Biblical Truth. This desire to walk beside those who are experiencing difficult seasons in their lives has given her a phenomenal ability to disarm any audience. Her passion is to help others grasp the unshakable love of Christ, let go of frustration that comes from trying to live out one's own plans and experience the beauty of embracing His will.

Like many women, she has a career, an advanced education, and is a successful wife and mother of three school-aged children. And like the typical woman she has juggled all of these things while dealing with the emotional and mental battles of life's daily issues. God has graciously given her the opportunity to share with women, singles, girls and married couples as they seek to live out their victory in Christ.

Shundria is a wife to her best friend Chris and mother to three wonderful children: Joshua, Elyana and Noah. Visit her online at
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