Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New from Brown Girls Books!

Exciting News!

Brown Girls Books has released a New Anthology! What a great way to meet new authors!

For Immediate Release: Contact Norma Warren, Publicity Director
Can You Find Love When You Have A Career And Kids?
Brown Girls Books Releases Single Mama Dating Drama” Anthology
(Raleigh, NC Oct 16, 2016) Brown Girls Books is pleased to announce the October 18, 2016, release of Single Mama Dating Drama, an anthology of seventeen short stories by the following seventeen incredibly gifted writers:
Denise Anquenette (Your Village Ain't Like Mine), Patricia A. Bridewell (I Got My Mojo Working), Trina Charles (Reunited), Tomeka Farley Daugherty (Deception At Its Finest), Monica Lynne Foster (Never Go Back), Princess F. L. Gooden (Rhinestones in the Dust), Candice Y. Johnson (Mama's Little Prophetess), Sonia Johnston (Hundred Dollar Money), Michelle Cornwell-Jordan (The Rear Window), Charlie Marcol (My Tax Dollars at Work), Michelle Mitchell (Scattered Seeds), Dwon D. Moss (A Heart For A Heart), Jasmyne K. Rogers (Peace After Revolution), Cherritta Smith (My Twisted Reality), Michelle Lynn Stephens (Born Again Virgin), Kimberly D. Taylor (When a Brother Babysits),
Leiann B. Wrytes (
Nayely Amar)

Single Mama Dating Drama is a collection of seventeen fictional stories about the woes, pitfalls, and joys of dating while raising kids. From Monica Lynne Foster’s explosive tale of an ex who fights for custody of his child while also fighting to gain his ex-wife back from her newfound Dwon D. Moss’ hilarious Internet dating spin on a widow who runs into a holy roller, a pretty boy and a liar.... to Candice Y. Johnson’s laugh-out-loud take on a mama whose baby girl prophetically dismisses all of her potential Denise Anquenette’s story of how one woman's attempt to take back control of her life, strains the bonds and boundaries of her relationship with her Michelle Mitchell’s sticky tale of a woman who meets her mate at a sperm bank.... these captivating stories are sure to make you laugh, shake your head, clutch your pearls, and cheer for these mamas and all their dating drama!

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