My Review Policy

I review books I have purchased or ARC copies in the following genres: Christian Fiction, Women's Fiction, Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Romance, Thrillers/Suspense, Historical...

Reviews will always be posted here at Michelle's Book Stop and on Goodreads and Amazon.  I also post links to my reviews on Facebook, Twitter and sometimes LinkedIn. 

In exchange for a galley/ARC, I provide my honest and fair opinion of your book. It is not a guaranteed 5-star read. I reserve the right to decline reads if the synopsis do not capture my interest.

Here is my Rating System:

5 Stars - I loved the book, Highly Recommend others Read it NOW, I felt an emotional connection that lasted beyond the pages. A great-takeaway, theme or lesson. A book I would read again. Kept me guessing, glued, enthralled. 

4 Stars - I enjoyed the read, the storyline kept me engaged, and I would recommend to others. Strong character development, strong plot, original storylines, passionate, evoked a response. 

3 Stars - It was a good read. I liked the book, I finished the story and know others might enjoy it as well - somewhat predictable, nice read, humor, passion, laughter. I would recommend.

2 Stars - It was an okay read. I finished the book but there were critical elements missing - grammatical errors, weak plot or poor character development, lack of originality, I struggled with aspects of the storyline.

1 Star - I didn't finish the book or I finished but couldn't connect with the storyline or characters.

Publishers: Thank-you for taking the time to read my review policy, I would be more than happy to hear from you. I can be reached at