Thursday, April 2, 2015

HOT OFF THE PRESSES!! Silent Praise by Michelle Lindo-Rice

Meet Melanie and Chase in Silent Praise, the third book in the "Able to Love" Series 

A Banker. A Cop. One Complicated Case.

About the Book

Nothing just happens.
When Officer Chase Dawson pulls over Melanie Benson, he did not expect to feel an instant connection with this beautiful deaf woman. Chase asks Melanie out on a date but she turns him down flat. Lucky for Chase, their paths cross again when he is assigned the case of a missing deaf child. Chase knows this is God's doing. But, he wonders is this a fleeting attraction or real love?

Melanie Benson cannot believe how strongly she feels for a man she has just met. Because of past hurt, Melanie is leery to open her heart. For personal reasons, she especially would never date a cop. But when Melanie has to work with Chase on his case, they share a kiss that sets her heart ablaze. Will Melanie overcome her past pain and choose love?

Set in the small town of Port Charlotte, FL, SILENT PRAISE answers the question, Is there such a thing as love at first sight? And, if there is, what happens after that?

Short Excerpt:


“I can’t hold it.” Melanie “Lainey” King squeezed her legs together. Crouched over in the dark, she shivered from inside the three-foot oblong closet space. Lainey peered through the folds of the closet door. Her eyes were wide with fear. Mama and Uncle were asleep on the big bed. Lainey slept with Mama unless Uncle came around. Then she had to sleep in the closet.
Lainey’s lower body shook. She had to go. Now. She pushed the closet door wide and crept outside teenaged mutant ninja turtle style. Lainey inched her way to her mother’s bed.
“Mama, I’ve got to go pee.” Lainey whispered as quiet as she could into her mother’s ear. She did not want to wake Uncle. His snore bounced off the walls of the room. Lainey twisted her tattered, once-white nightgown, spotted with dingy brown stains. Her lips quivered.
Oh no! A small line of urine trickled down her legs. She cupped her mouth to keep from crying aloud. If she peed on herself, Uncle was going to let her have it. She shook her mother again. “Mama! I’ve got to go to the bathroom!”
Mama did not budge. But Uncle did.
“What do you want?” He snarled at her into the darkness.
Even through the dark, Lainey could see his hateful eyes.
Uncle jumped and came around the bed to grab her shoulders. “What do you want?”
Lainey’s teeth rattled. She opened her mouth but no words came. With a groan, Lainey emptied her bladder. Tears rolled down her face.
“I didn’t mean to,” she said.
Uncle sniffed. “Did you pee on the carpet?”
Lainey shook her head. “It was an accident.”
Uncle bent towards her. His stinky breath hit her in the face. “You’re five years old and old enough to stop peeing on yourself! Your mother’s bragging how smart you are, says you’re reading and writing and all that so you know better. But you know what, you’re just plain nasty. Yes, that’s right. You’re scrawny and nasty, and I can’t stand the sight of you.”

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About the Author

Michelle Lindo-Rice is the bestselling author of "Able to Love" and "On the Right Path" series. She enjoys crafting women's fiction with themes centered around the four "F" words: Faith, Friendship, Family and Forgiveness. She was nominated for Author of the Year 2014 in Building Relationships Around Books book club. Michelle's first published work, Sing A New Song, was a Black Expressions Editor's Choice featured selection. My Steps Are Ordered, the second book in the "On the Right Path" series made the AALBC bestseller lists on May/June 2014 and August/September 2014. My Steps Are Ordered was also #1 in UBAWA's 2014 Top 100 list. The Fall of the Prodigal made #2 on Black Christian Reads Fiction List for March 2015.

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